Euro Coins Album

The best mobile application for managing your entire coins collection.


Euro Coins Album is a simple and intuitive mobile application which allows you to have your Euro coins collection always with you.

Why it's the best
for you

Not only you can archive every single Euro coin in your possession, but you can even read descriptions, mintages and watch photos about theme.

Photos and descs

Every commemorative coin comes with a specific description and a set of photos regarding the official packages it get released in.

Detailed Mintages

For every minted coin there is a table full of its mintages classified by the conservation state.


Other than iTunes and iCloud offered by Apple, you can easily backup and restore your data by using a Dropbox account.


Euro Coins Album has a lot of features which give you a simple and complete use of the app making you not forget any minted coin. It's also fully compatible with the iPad and the iPad Pro, giving total support for their resolutions e new iOS functions, such as SlideOver.


With the power of searching you can quickly find any coin you would like to see.

Take notes\

You can write down any note thanks to the dedicated section.


Analize your collection and find out it's nominal value and also by coin values.


Improve your use experience by picking up the interface colors from the available ones.

/New coins

Automatically download all the OTA (Over The Air) updates and always be informed.

/Always safe

You can quickly backup your data and restore it when you prefere.

Some features of the application could be additional contents (in App Purchases) as they wewre made for a subjective interest. These are unlockable whenever you want at a maximum price of a coffee (0,99€).

A complete list of all the app features, standard or Add-On, will be available soon at the page All app features or contacting


Here's a small photogallery which shows how the app is on the iPhone and the iPod.